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Puccini: La Boheme Import DVD 送料無料お手入れ要らず 人気急上昇

Puccini: La Boheme [DVD] [Import]


Puccini: La Boheme [DVD] [Import]



Franco Zeffirelli痴 production of La Boh鑪e is a perennial favorite at New York痴 Metropolitan Opera and it retains its power in this 2008 performance. Its large-scale settings and especially an Act II set that looks as if half the 1890痴 Paris Latin Quarter has been beamed direct to the MET. It痴 been criticized as an over-the-top spectacle, but as well as bringing breath-taking realism to the stage, it痴 bursting with energy and directorial flair. The individuals making up the large crowds milling in front of the Caf� Momus each have some little stage business to do, giving the audience the feeling of participating in the onstage street festival. Zeffirelli痴 detailed directing even extends to the snow-filled Act III, where shadowy figures walk across the background hill in the distance while the principals are up front. While Zeffirelli痴 conception tends to scant the opera痴 intimate scenes in the theatre, on DVD those scenes make heightened impact. TV director Gary Halvorson痴 establishing shots show a cutaway of the bohemians� little garret precariously poised atop a sharply raked house, but he soon cuts to closeups of the playing space and the singers, creating a sense of warm interplay of personalities unavailable to the theatre audience.

The MET provides a luxurious cast to complement the sumptuous setting. Tenor Ram Vargas is an excellent Rodolfo, singing with passion, imaginative phrasing, and coloring his beautiful lyric voice to fit the text. Mimi is Angela Gheorghiu, always a stellar singing actress. Here she sings with a sensitivity to match her Rodolfo, exquisitely coloring her voice, as in her Mi chiamano Mimi, where she thins her voice at the start and then opens it out to bloom when she sings of the approach of spring. As an actress, she痴 best after the first Act, when she abandons the coy, girlish tics that seem out of place. In the last Act, she痴 profoundly moving in the death scene, as is Vargas, who is touching in his portrayal of Rodolfo痴 desperation and sense of loss. Baritone Ludovic T騷ier痴 Marcello is well sung, as is soprano Ainhoa Arteta痴 Musetta, the latter delivering a sparkling Quando me地 vo� in the Caf� Momus scene. Rodolfo痴 pals, Oren Gradus as Colline and Quinn Kelsey as Schaunard, are excellent, and veteran bass Paul Plishka contributes some nice comic turns as Benoit and Alcindoro. --Dan Davis

La Boh鑪e is an all-regions disc in 16:9 ratio. Sound options include PCM Stereo and DTS 5.1 Surround. Sung in Italian, subtitles include English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Extras include backstage interviews by Ren馥 Fleming and a short tribute, "Zeffirelli at the Met."

Product Description

1. Opening Titles

2. Introduction by Ren馥 Fleming

3. ACT I - Questo `Mar Rosso' mi ammollisce

4. ACT I - Pensier profondo!

5. ACT I - Legna!... Sigari!... Bord�!

6. ACT I - Si pu�?... Chi � l�?

7. ACT I - Timido in giovent�

8. ACT I - Non sono in vena

9. ACT I - Si sente meglio?

10. ACT I - Che gelida manina!

11. ACT I - S�. Mi chiamano Mim�

12. ACT I - Ehi! Rodolfo! Rodolfo!

13. ACT I - O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso

14. ACT II - Aranci, datteri!

15. ACT II - Chi guardi?

16. ACT II - Viva Parpignol!

17. ACT II - Ch'io beva del tossico!... Oh! Musetta!

18. ACT II - Quando me'n vo'

19. ACT II - Chi l'ha richiesto?

20. Backstage at the Met: Ren馥 Fleming interviews Met Technical Director Joe Clark

21. ACT III - Oh�, l�, le guardie... Aprite!

22. ACT III - Sa dirmi, scusi, qual � l'osteria

23. ACT III - Mim�?!... Speravo di trovarvi qui

24. ACT III - Marcello, finalmente

25. ACT III - Mim� � una civetta

26. ACT III - Mim� � tanto malata!

27. ACT III - D'ond lieta usc�

28. ACT III - Dunque � proprio finita?

29. ACT III - Backstage at the Met: Ren馥 Fleming interviews Angela Gheorghiu and Ram�n Vargas

30. ACT IV - In un coup�?

31. ACT IV - O Mim�, tu pi� non torni

32. ACT IV - Che ora sia?

33. ACT IV - Gavotta... Minuetto... Pavanella... Fandango

34. ACT IV - C'� Mim�...c'� Mim�

35. ACT IV - Vecchia zimarra

36. ACT IV - Sono andati?

37. ACT IV - Che avvien?... Dorme?... Riposa

38. ACT IV - Che ha detto il medico?

39. ACT IV - End Credits

40. BONUS - Zeffirelli at the Met

Puccini: La Boheme [DVD] [Import]